Last Dance

Miriam trained for years to become the prima ballerina of her dancing company. However, pushing herself beyond her limits creates strains that escalate into a final injury that steals her ability to dance. Distraught, Miriam is forced to give up her position in the ballet company and abandon her dreams. On her way out theContinue reading “Last Dance”

A Present for Hawke

A small Dragon Age 2 fan comic for the Girls! Girls! Girls! anthology. Dragon Age (c) Bioware/EA

Improv Night

A short Sense8 themed comic for a Sense8 anthology.  This particular comic gave me some difficulty keeping in mind the style of filming Sense8 uses, which often swaps between characters with little to no connection.  Capturing the actors’s likenesses proved to be a fun exercise, however.

Mind Your Business

This comic was done for the Thicker Than Blood r76 anthology, script, lettering and page 5 pencils + inks by stargazey-pie.