Body Pillow Commissions



Before continuing, read the Terms and Conditions of my commissions!

Terms and Conditions

Commission cost includes one free copy of the full sized pillowcase and free US domestic shipping. International customers must pay $15-25 shipping on top of commission expense. For more info, read terms and conditions above.

Fanart Characters*:

  • 1 Design (printed on both sides) – $250
  • 2 Designs (one printed on each side) – $400

*Artist retains commercial rights to the designs and is allowed to reprint and sell copies of the fanart character pillowcase to the public.

Original Characters:

  • 1 Design (printed on both sides) – $600**
  • 2 Designs (one printed on each side) – $1000**

**The price of original character commissions is to compensate for the fact that I cannot resell your designs. Extra costs may be added for unclear or unfinished designs.

***Note: the third character in this image was drawn in my “sketch” style, with limited rendering and looser lines. I am no longer doing this style as part of my body pillow commissions, but it’s a reference to show my capabilities in drawing furry characters and fat bodies.


  • Commissions open for inquiries (Feb 15-Mar 1)
  • Commissions are accepted (Mar 4)
  • Payment is made (ASAP, payment plans can be made)
  • Artwork production begins (Mar 8)
  • Artwork is approved by commissioner (abt 2 weeks)
  • Pillow production begins (abt 3 weeks)
  • Pillows are shipped out to commissioners (varies depending on location)

Will do:

  • Humans, furries, robots/mecha, armor, etc. (Complicated designs may require an additional fee.)
  • Fanart, DnD characters, Dragon Age/Mass Effect player characters, adoptables (that you own), vtubers, etc.
  • Characters of any body type, (adult) age, and gender.
  • Mild/suggestive nudity.
  • Actors and face claims, no other real people without written permission.

Won’t do:

  • Underage characters.
  • Excessive gore (blood is fine).
  • Hate symbols or other overtly offensive material.
  • Imitations of other artist’s styles.
  • Hyper realism.


If you have any questions, please shoot me a DM or email elefluff (at) gmail (dot) com!

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