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Before continuing, read the Terms and Conditions of my commissions!

Terms and Conditions

Live2D Commissions:

Rig Features:

  • Character Design* – $50/hr
  • Full Body Rig Only – $500+
  • Full Body Art + Rig – $750+
  • Chibi/Mascot Art + Rig – Ask

*I can help design your character for your model, but require an additional fee for that. This includes commercial rights to sell merch of the design, but not of the final model art.

  • Blinking, eye tracking, eye smile
  • Mouth tracking (including mouth X, VBridger not included)
  • Head and body XYZ
  • Physics for hair, eyes, breasts, clothing, etc
  • Eyebrow tracking


  • Design complexity – $10-100+
  • Static expressions (alternative eye, mouth, brow forms) – $10+
  • Animated expressions (falling tears, drool, etc) – $30+
  • Static alternative hands/poses – $50+
  • Animated poses – $100+
  • Improperly set up PSD (dependent on severity) – $10+

Will do:

  • Rigging for predawn models with artist’s permission.
  • Humans, furries, robots/mecha, armor, etc. (Complicated designs may require an additional fee.)
  • Original Characters only! This includes: your own designs, DnD characters, Dragon Age/Mass Effect player characters, adoptables (that you own), etc.
  • Characters of any body type, age, and gender.
  • Mild/suggestive nudity.

Won’t do:

  • Excessive gore (blood is fine).
  • Hate symbols or other overtly offensive material.
  • Hyper realism.
  • Mature content of underage characters.


If you have any questions, please shoot me a DM or email elefluff (at) gmail (dot) com!

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