Last Dance

Miriam trained for years to become the prima ballerina of her dancing company. However, pushing herself beyond her limits creates strains that escalate into a final injury that steals her ability to dance.

Distraught, Miriam is forced to give up her position in the ballet company and abandon her dreams. On her way out the door, Miriam discovers a secret room with a pair of magical dance shoes. A spirit approaches her and offers her the ability to dance once again with the caveat that the spirit gets to dance once again, through Miriam. How far is Miriam willing to go to regain her title, even if it means hurting those around her?

Praise for Last Dance:

“A ballet story with a slight surreal twist for dance lovers.”


“A sobering fable about the prices that people pay to stay at the top of their art.”


Last Dance is a fascinating, Mephistophelian tale of ambition and obsession set in the world of ballet. Hanna Schroy’s boldly simplistic style in both art and story telling is perfectly suited to this fast-paced page-turner. Last Dance is a beautiful, fantastic read, and one to which I give my highest recommendation.”

— Thomas E. Sniegoski
New York Times Best Selling Author of THE FALLEN Series, BONE:
QUEST FOR SPARK Trilogy (With Jeff Smith)

Last Dance is wonderful! A graphic novel full of beauty, tenderness, and darkness, and the kind of wisdom we all need, young or old. I loved it!”

— Christopher Golden, co-creator of BALTIMORE and JOE GOLEM: OCCULT DETECTIVE